Seminar Schedule

Basil C. Puglisi

This Session will feature: Basil C. Puglisi (Executive Director for Digital Ethos, President of Puglisi Consulting Group, Inc.), Walter H. Sanchez (Publisher Queens Ledger Brooklyn Star Weekly Community Newspaper Group), William J. Wright (Senior News Editor at NBC News), Richard Greenwald, Ph.D. (Dean at St. Joseph's College in New York) and Jim Pavia (editorial director of InvestmentNews). This session will explore how the "Digital Age" has changed the way media organizations do business, communicate and adjust to the change in digital communications. The session will explore the personal impact it has had on the professionals and explore the outlook on employment for future professionals.

Ryan Feit

Everything is about to change. For the first time startups and small businesses will be empowered to use the Internet to raise seed and small business working capital and anyone will soon be allowed to invest in private companies. Ryan Feit will provide an overview of the historic changes to 80-year-old U.S. securities laws, why the changes will significantly expand access to capital for startups and small businesses, and what entrepreneurs can do to in order to capitalize on Crowdfunding.

11-14-2012 01:00 pm    Room 1

Dreaming of the Big Win

Dan Porter

As former CEO of OMGPOP (now Zynga Mobile NY), Dan Porter created Draw Something, the fastest growing mobile app in history, and lead his team through a merger with Zynga, Inc. March 2012. In this seminar, Dan will share his experiences in the startup scene - as a CEO, investor and advisor - and explain what it takes to make your buy-out dreams come true.

Sam Hamadeh

Sam will be speaking about his experiences as an entrepreneur, including lessons learned on everything from raising venture capital vs. bootstrapping, to marketing and PR on a tight startup budget. He'll touch on issues such as hiring and goes as far as selling your company. Sam will give you the Key Entrepreneurial Lessons Learned To Increase Your Startup's Odds of Success.

Steve Kessler

If you are a business owner, manager or marketing director, chances are you would like to increase sales and increase customer loyalty. Sunrise Premiums travel incentive vouchers are designed to accomplish both these goals. Steve Kessler will provide all the insides on how a hotel or cruise voucher can be the most powerful tool you will ever use for your business.

Bob Dorf

Bob will explain why startups are not small versions of large companies, and why they require processes and guidelines all their own. He’ll describe the detailed Customer Development process for building scalable startups and explain how Alexander Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas provides a framework for conceiving the innovator’s business model and monitoring the Customer Development progress.

Matthew Cavnar

Self-publishing successes like 50 Shades of Grey dominate the headlines, but eBooks aren't just big news for romance--all stripes of content holders can now participate in this new and powerful form of media. Thanks to advances in production technology, eBooks, once the domain of print publishers, are now a form of media that savvy content holders everywhere can use to build their brand, expand their reach and tell their story. From the Wall Street Journal telling long form stories to the surprise hits of Kindle Singles to Google sharing its insights with an enhanced title, eBooks are quickly becoming a way to connect with audiences as the reading experience expands beyond the confines of the print book and into the hands of mobile device users everywhere.

Carol Roth

In this special “fireside chat” session, Carol Roth shares the good, bad and the ugly of being an entrepreneur, busting myths and giving you ways to stack the odds of business success in your favor. Carol, who is seen weekly on national television stations like Fox Business, CNN, MSNBC and Fox News is also a New York Times bestselling author of The Entrepreneur Equation, and blogs for outlets like The New York Times, The Huffington Post and her own award-winning blog, Business Unplugged. She’s helped clients raise more than $1 Billion in capital and implement million-dollar loyalty programs, so here’s your chance to learn from her experience live! As part of this session, attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions to Carol directly, so bring with your best business challenges!

Matthew Weiss

This Session will feature: Matthew Weiss (President of a Manhattan law firm that fights thousands of traffic tickets throughout New York State), Shep Sepaniak (President of the Entrepreneurs' Organization), and Julia Pimsleur (CEO and Founder of Little Pim). In this highly interactive session, you will hear from three successful entrepreneurs and how membership in a business group has helped them grow their businesses, save money and expand their networks. The panel will discuss expert learning, peer-to-peer learning and other benefits that arise as a result of associating with Type-A doers. You will learn how powerful it is to be part of a group of like-minded individuals. How the cross pollination of business owners from various industries successfully blends the right mix of unique experiences and perspectives with a healthy dose of common challenges and issues. Finally, you will learn how just one single chat with a fellow member can result in priceless light bulb moments.

Avi Fogel

In this talk, Avi will cover the differences between angel investing and VC investing, the math that drives the two, the differences in the way these two sources of funding operate, Early Exits and why they matter, the Angel investing universe in North America, what does an organized angel group, like NY Angels, look for and term sheets used by angel and key factors in those terms sheets.

Maurice Lopes

Maurice Lopes, CEO and Founder of, has been an integral player in the evolving of equity based crowdfunding arena. Mr. Lopes will be holding an educational session covering the equity based crowdfunding process, opportunities, advantages and risks. The session will be of benefit to those interested in learning about the JOB's Act and the impact equity based crowding will have on entrepreneurs, startup, small businesses and investors.

11-14-2012 05:00 pm    Room 2

History of Mobile Advertising

Nihal Mehta

Nihal Mehta will take the class through the history of mobile advertising, while discussing his journey and entrepreneurship.

David Teten

1-How to figure out which business you should start. 2-How to learn about your target market at zero or minimal cost. 3-Identifying and learning from potential customers. 4-Winning information from the people who have all the answers to your questions.

Adam Rothenberg

At this session, Adam will share an insider's view into the core benefits and resources that a startup accelerator can offer. He will go over the types of companies that benefit most from an accelerator and how to get the most out of the experience. He will teach you the key techniques on how to prepare and apply for a world-class startup accelerator like TechStars, as well as what to expect if you get accepted.

Tom Murray

Although small businesses recognize the impact data loss could have on their business, more than half do not have a disaster preparedness plan for business data, according to a study from Carbonite. During the seminar, Pete Lamson, Carbonite SVP of Small Business, will discuss the common reasons a small business owner may not have a disaster preparedness plan in place, what can happen to these businesses should a disaster strike, and how to create a plan on their own now. He will also take a deeper look into actionable items that can be implemented today to help protect small businesses and provide resources to help further prepare them overall. Attendees will learn: 1- What common misconceptions are holding back many small businesses from having a disaster preparedness plan in place. 2- The 3 critical components a disaster preparedness plan should include for a small business. 3- How to create a plan to help ensure your business can continue operating should a disaster – natural, technical or otherwise – strike. 4- Key (FREE) steps a small business can implement immediately to get started with a plan

11-15-2012 11:00 am    Room 2

You are so lucky...

John Frankel be living here, now and able to change the world.

Cindy Gallop

How would you redesign the working world in which you want to live? Former chairman BBH New York and current entrepreneur Cindy Gallop presents some highly subjective and provocative points of view on blowing up and reinventing the way you do business; how big data represents big opportunity; the potential inherent in the interface between creativity and technology; the disruptive, innovative, business models of the future; and how you can design your work to fit your life, not the other way round. This session is a must for any entrepreneur, business owner or leader who wants to own the future in their category, and to make a lot of money doing it.

Lori S. Hoberman

This Session will feature Lori Hoberman (Partner at Chadbourne), Adam Enbar (Partner at High Risk Accounts), Ben Uretsky (CEO of DigitalOcean) and Marc Michel (Metamorphic Ventures). Starting your own business is not just about having a dream. There are real steps to ensure your business a successful start. So what are all of the things you should consider when launching your new brainchild? Our panel of venture capitalists and startup founders will help you lay those things out.

Tom Dudley

3.4 Billion mobile coupons were redeemed in 2011. 92% of people keep mobile phones in reaching distance all day and night. 73% "WANT" to receive offers and coupons by text message. Average text message is open within 4 mins. All of the major big box retailers see the value in mobile marketing and have implemented it has a major piece of they're marketing strategies. Join Tom Dudley Vice President of sales for Wordivate a wireless industry expert as he demonstrates the way "ANY" business can join the texting revolution and get a piece of the action.

Sam Liebowitz

We have entered into a new era of cooperation in business. More business leaders than ever are recognizing this fact and are moving in a new direction. Learn why competition is a virus and killing business as we know it today; Understand why the Art of War is the worst book for business people to reference; Find out about the difference between Zero Sum Games and Infinite Games and figure out which one you are playing!

11-15-2012 02:00 pm    Room 1

Mastering the VC Game

Jeff Bussgang

A check list of crucial items for early-stage entrepreneurs to interact with VC's on a daily basis, including but not limited to: 1. how to pick good VC's to join your board; 2. pitching technics; 3. common etiquette in daily interactions with investors; 4. do's and don'ts when negotiating for terms.

Tim Davis

The fastest way to establish a relationship, build trust and get a client to see the big picture is to make them laugh. A person doesn’t have to be genetically lucky to be funny; it can be taught and learned.Tim Davis has coached top comedians who have appeared on Leno, letterman and Comedy Central. Tim will share their secrets on how they make people laugh.

Peter Shankman

In a world of likes, followers and fans, sometimes it comes down to going back to the basics. It's time to remember that brands with the most likes start off by actually being likeable.

Julian Sturton

Come and spend time with Julian Sturton, founder of The Business of Leading, to explore this question. Look for yourself at what difference you would like to make in the world (not just in your world)… a result that you may have not achieved yet. Engage in an entertaining and informative discussion with Julian to really discover the difference between Leadership and Leading. Consider what may be possible once you understand the distinction between these two powerful concepts.

Mary Agnes Antonopoulos

45-minutes from confusion to an easy, how-to toolkit to create an effective social media campaign in only 4 hours a week: 1. easily populate your blog; turn it into a sought-after podcast and YouTube series; 2. realistically reach over 80,000 people through Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, iTunes and BlogTalkRadio; 3. build a brand that WORKS and attracts people to your website and your social presence; 4. do’s and don’ts for newsletters and all things online.

Chris Dessi

During this session Chris, author of "Your World is Exploding: How Social Media is Changing Everything and How You Need To Change With It" will reveal strategies used by successful social media marketers. He'll share case studies and best practices showcasing how businesses and individuals are delivering social media marketing results.

Miranda Tan

Social media has changed how people communicate around the globe. It’s led political revolutions and even created pop culture phenomena. As businesses scramble to figure out how to harness the power of social media to reach new audiences, a familiar marketing tool—the press release—has now gained fresh purpose. Press releases have become a vital tool and more important than ever in successfully promoting your company. Find out how you can leverage press releases and specific content to help investors, customers, potential employees and other target groups learn more about your company. Both large and small companies in every industry are now using social media as an integral part of their public relations and marketing needs. As social media continues to replace the traditional channels of brand promotion and communication, public relations has become synonymous with social media marketing.

Brad Szollose

How do you sell to a tech-savvy customer who was raised on Video Games, The Internet and never sits still? Or better yet, how do you craft a sales campaign to a generation that is impatient with traditional media? A generation that uses Smart-Phones and Augmented Reality as easily as Boomers watch Television. Web Pioneer and Management Expert Brad Szollose will show your audience: 1) How to spot the Digital Divide and Manage It 2) How to make your Brand STAND OUT in the middle of Information Overload 3) Why Customer Service is More Relevant than ever 4) Why Younger Generations are Just Not That Into You 5) Elevate your message beyond Social Media for Conversion...Still wondering why customers come to your website ONCE and never return? Or employees leave even though you’ve given them everything Give us a call. Brad has been involved with hundreds of companies in his career…we’re here to help you do better in the 21st Century. Brad Szollose, Web Pioneer and award winning author of Liquid Leadership: From Woodstock to Wikipedia will make your afternoon fun, informative and memorable. Attendees will be given a chance to ask questions and disagree. So, bring a friend or enemy, have a good laugh and learn the skills to close deals with a 21st Century customer.